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Our team of catering professionals is available to assist you with planning every aspect of your event.  Should you desire a customized menu for your event, we will be happy to meet with you to create a unique menu.

Please contact us to make an appointment to create your perfect event.

Phone Number: (620) 341-5907


Your Sodexo Catering Team

Event Planning Guidelines
Flavours by Sodexo has exceptional culinary skills and extensive capabilities to satisfy a wide range of catering needs. We are passionate about food and dedicated to making sure things are as perfect as possible for your special occasion!
Please use this guide to understand processes, procedures and expectations as we work together to achieve a smoothly executed and memorable catered event. We look forward to serving you!

How to contact Flavours by Sodexo
When you have a catered event in mind, please contact us as soon as possible. Even if you are not yet sure of such details as the exact event date, event location and number of guests that will be in attendance, it’s a good idea to touch base with us as early on in the process as possible.

Some catering arrangements through Flavours by Sodexo can be made by phone, email or online; other catering arrangements require an in-person appointment with one of our event planning specialists. It’s easy to get in touch with Flavours by Sodexo about your catering needs. Here are the options:

Send us an Email: You may email us at

Visit us on the Web: You may contact us about your catering needs through our online catering Website at The ultimate in convenience, this site will enable you to easily view our fabulous catering menus, see your order history, place recurring orders and much, much more.

Visit Our Office: You may visit us in person inside Union Services, just inside the east entrance to the Memorial Union. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Please be aware that we are closed on some holidays.

Give us a Call: Our Catering Office can be reached at (620) 341-5907.

Event Location Reservations
You must make arrangements to secure a location for your event. Whether your event will be taking place on or off the campus, you will need to officially “reserve” the space in order for us to be permitted to serve you in this location. To reserve a room for an event, please contact Conference & Scheduling at (620) 341-5443.

Event Tables, Chairs and other Equipment
You must make arrangements to secure tables, chairs, and other equipment you may need for your event. Please contact Conference & Scheduling at (620) 341-5443 to make these arrangements.

Event Confirmation and Guarantees
While we would prefer to know a final guest count a week in advance, all catering orders must be ordered a minimum of three (3) working days before an event. A fee of $25 will be added for orders placed less than 3 business days. If it has not yet been established, you will be asked to provide us with a “final” number of guests that will attend your event; the “estimated” number will be used if you don’t know the “final” number. If you do not provide us with a final number, we use the estimated number.

Event Changes and Guarantees
No less than three (3) business days from the scheduled catered event, please make us aware of any event changes (including increases or decreases in the number of attendees) or if your event needs to be canceled. A fee of $25 will be added for cancellations that are less than three (3) business days. Please be advised that if we are notified of your changes or cancellation after this deadline, you will be responsible for expenses already incurred by the Catering Office.

Event Payment
Accepted forms of payment include Visa, Master Card, American Express, cash, check, purchase order, department accounts and foundation accounts.

If your group is not a university, college or school:
*Sales tax of 8.50% will be added to your bill.

If your group is not affiliated with ESU:
* You will need to pay your bill in full 72 hours prior to your event.
* Any over-charges will be credited back to you.
* Any additional charges will be invoiced to you.

If you are a tax-exempt organization:
* You must submit a copy of your tax exemption certificate prior to the date of your scheduled event.
* Please indicate that your group is tax-exempt when ordering.

If an event will be billed to guest or hospitality account:
* You must indicate that the event will be billed to a guest or hospitality account when ordering.

If your order is under $50 total, there will be an automatic service fee of $15 added to your order.

Delivery Fees
There is no delivery fee for catering services held within the Memorial Union. Deliveries outside the building will be subject to $15 On-Campus delivery fee or a $5 On-Campus drop-off fee.

Please contact the catering office at to schedule an Off-Campus event. Events Off-Campus are available on a limited basis.

Catering Equipment
As the host of the catered event, you are responsible for the equipment we have provided for the service of your catered event. The cost to replace any missing or damaged catering equipment or supplies will be charged to your account. For very large events, specialty equipment may need to be rented at an additional charge.

China Charges
We provide high quality plastic products unless otherwise requested. We offer china service for any buffet or plated meal in the Memorial Union.
China Service $5.00 per guest (for events outside of the Memorial Union)

Linens and Skirting
We provide linens and skirting for food and beverage tables at no charge. Events with buffets include linens on the buffet table(s) and the dining tables.

If you would like linen to be placed on guest tables for receptions, breaks, meeting tables, pizza and boxed lunches, there will be a $6.50 fee for each tablecloth. Specialty linens are available upon request for an additional charge.

Linens are available for rent at the same price.
Tablecloth colors available are black, white or ivory.
Standard linen napkin colors available are gold, black and/or white.
For other colors, please contact the Catering Office.

Food Removal Policy
Due to health regulations, it is the policy of Flavours by Sodexo that excess food items from events cannot be removed from the event site. Items purchased for pick up should be properly stored prior to the event and removed and disposed of by the host of the event.

Alcohol Policy
All alcoholic beverages must be served by our personnel and consumed in designated areas. Proof of age will be required. Flavours by Sodexo reserves the right to refuse service of alcoholic beverages to any person. All personnel have completed the Serve Safe Training Program for Service.

Alcohol Service / Policy
Hosts are responsible to supply all alcohol that is served during the function. Alcohol should be delivered the day prior to the event for proper chilling and storage. Left over alcohol is available for pick up the day after the event. No additional alcohol may be brought in during the event. All bars are required to have non-alcoholic beverages and refreshments while open.

We supply all non alcoholic beverages.
Option #1: Canned Soft Drinks - $1.25 per can (based on usage).
Option #2: Full Service – soft drinks, fruit juices, tonic, club soda, bar fruit. $1.25 per usage.

There will be an automatic Set-Up fee of $67 for each bar that is set up, whether it is a Beer and Wine bar or a Full Service Bar.

We recommend at least one bartender up to 75 guests for Beer and Wine service. The charge for each bartender is $20.00 per hour. 

Please contact the Catering Department for bartender information.
*Staff fees including the bartending fee doubles on holidays recognized by ESU

Alcohol Procedures and Policy
All beverages are to remain within the facility. Beverages not consumed will remain the property of Flavours by Sodexo, in accordance with the laws of Kansas. It is the policy of Emporia State University that no alcoholic beverages are brought on the premises for consumption without written permission.
Beer may be served in cans, bottles, or may be poured from the can/bottle into plastic tumblers. Sodexo bartending staff will open the can/bottle for each guest. Please contact the Catering Department for Bar Information.
An alcohol permit is required on campus and at the Memorial Union. To obtain a permit, please contact (620) 341-5443. Sodexo and Memorial Union reserve the right to refuse service of alcoholic beverages to any person.

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